Monday, April 27, 2009

Update in Progress

It seems I'm now having a habit of updating irregularly- due to a number of obvious factors or otherwise. I guess this month will lack of a real post. *sign*

Anyway, I'll guarantee the next post or two will be a major one which is about my job at my current place and the impact made in my life after a full year working. Yeah, my 1st anniversary of working at Animasia was last month actually :P No celebration what so ever though.

Well, I hope ( like I always do) to make a regular update on this blog after that. So look forward for it ;)

Monday, March 09, 2009

BBQ Nite

Making full use of the 3 day weekend holiday, one of my colleague, Ayez organized ( leader Jin Hui the main sponsor) a BBQ session yesterday and it was mighty fun XD.

So after a week planning and last minute preparation the BBQ was held at the condominium near our studio - Sri Jati 2, starting at 5 pm. Well, not exactly sharp.. but you know lah as Malaysian do. Even the organizer team was late ( well, they prepared most of the stuff since that day's morning). Some of us still havent arrive yet, but we aready fired up and done quite a number of chicken wings.

Then, our party hit a snag. Apparently there's some internal conflict between the present and the soon-to-be manangement of the condo about our BBQing at the premise. Though the misunderstanding has settled at the end, but the whole shebang already fouled our mood of continuing there. So we decide to move the event to a more friendly place- our boss, ah loong's house, a reasonable distance from the condo XD

By around 8pm, everything was up and ready and the event went full swing. More guest arrived and everyone was clearly enjoyed themselves. As for me, I was into my full eating while snapping mode. I think I clearly ate a lot yesterday nite. Here goes my weight loss resolution this year XD

Anyway, by around 12 am, we doused the fire and pack everything up while clean the front of the house where the BBQ was held. Soon we bid good bye to our gracious host and went home for the nite. Well, some of us (me included) even decided to go "yumcha" at the nearby Steven's Corner. The boys went up and have some game of snooker while the girls stayed at the mamak gossiping. Strangely, I somewhat left beside with the girls ( I not really want to play snooker) and hear some rather amusing stuff *grin*

By 2.40 am, I finally reached home- tired, sleepy but happy.
To all, thanks for a wonderful evening :D

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula

Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula (Gang/Friends: The Adventure Begins) is Malaysia's 1st locally made full length 3D animation by Les’ Copaque Production Sdn Bhd of Upin & Ipin fame.

It was about 2 friends, city slicker Badrol and Lim visiting the former's hometown- Kampung Durian Runtuh. They met new friends, though reluctantly, the village kids- mischievous twins Upin and Ipin, animal talking Rajoo, and hot-tempered beauty Ros. And also a mysterious critter. Together, they got involved in the recent mising durian mystery and had the biggest adventure of their lifetime. Unless of course, they come back in a bigger sequal *LOL*

For a debut local 3D animation movie, Les’ Copaque' sure have no qualms throwing everthing but the kitchen sink. We have stereotype characters, udder jokes, car chases (of sorts), Disney-like song dance sequence (more Bollywood, me thinks), big fireball explosion, teary moments and monsters fight ala King Kong, all packed into its 90 minutes time frame. While more is good, but it doesnt help if they compromised on the story which was rather straight forward and a bit far fetched. What I really like about the movie was the comedic elements which we Malaysian can truly related to. Not to mention the cute twins which got one of the best laughs out scenes in the movie.

Of course, it's hard not to compare it visually with the likes of Pixar and Dreamworks but hey, this is by the way, Malaysian's 1st and frankly, I think it was a really good start for them :) Saying that, there still a lot to improve in term of animation and some of the characters design especially the cuddly main one ;)

It a shame if most of us shun this feature just because of its "locally made" tag. Sure, Geng is in Bahasa Malaysia (with a nice post production English sub), but it is made by Malaysian for Malaysian and it can be pretty enjoyable for all of us. Do watch it and be proud :)

Monday, February 02, 2009

Post Chinese New Year Post

Chinese New Year has come and gone and today is the last day of my holiday. Even a few days ago I start to think about the work I left before the holiday... *Big sigh*

This year's Lunar New Year was indeed a lot better than last year's. With a stable job now, I have more reason to celebrate the festive season. Not to mention, my eldest cousin was finally able to come back to celebrate with us after many years aboard. Then again, with a better financial situation I did spent a lot more too XD Now, equipped with a good camera, I able snap some great pics, though not as much as i hope to be, for memory sake. You can view them here.

And yesterday I took the time, to go shopping at both KLCC and Times Square with Sakura chan though she arrive latter XD. I was planning to buy Liquid City vol. 1 a comic compilation of mostly SEA artists including Datuk Lat and Michael Chuah, but taken aback with its steep price o.O Never thought it was published by Image and so damn thick. Maybe next time *Sigh~*
Well, at least I able to brought Starcraft: Frontline vol.2 XD

After lunch, we head to Jelatek LRT station so that Sakura can drive us to Times Square since it's more convinient than taking the monorail. We only browse around the figurine and anime shops there and Sakura able to buy some stuffs ( Yatta, she got Kagami Hiiragi from the Gasaphon machine there). Too bad she have to go early since she a bit tired from the begining. Thanks Sakura chan~~ ^^
As for me, I continue to hang around till 8 pm (after a Sushi King dinner) and manage to buy a Figma Miku Hatsune of Vocaloid fame. ^^ Got back tired but worthwhile.

And my loot of the day.

Before I go, I wish a very late Happy Chinese "Niu"(Ox) Year to all XD

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Whoa~ it been a eventful 2008 , particularly the second half of the year when my life finally stabilized. Good times indeed and hopeful this new year will be a lot better.

New year means new resolutions but how far did I fulfill my last ones? Lets check them out:

1. Get a decent creative-related job. Check.
2. Lost 15 kg of fat and gain 5 kg of muscle. Total failed.
3. Make and finish my own manga/comic. Failed.
4. Learn to read and write Mandarin. Failed.
5. Learn basic Japanese. Failed.
6. Take a driving lesson test. Failed.
7. Buy a PC tablet. Check.
8. Be more people friendly. Check.
9. Update my blog more often. Failed.
10. Make at least 2 finished artworks a week. Failed.

Guess I got 3 out of 10 then which mean I did bad :P. As for resolution no. 2- I gain more than 5 kg of fat and a rather noticeable tummy. * Sigh* Good times indeed .....

So what my new resolution? I think the old ones still hold plus:

1. Lose my single status.
2. Clean up the house and maintain it.
3. Get better salary

Well, there's now 10 resolutions for the new year. Hope I can fulfill most of them this time :D
Wish you all a better year ahead.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008

I cant really recall if I've to any of the previous comic fiesta or not. Maybe i might mistook it from other event I been to :P

Nonetheless, whether Comic Fiesta 2008 was my 1st or second, it was truly a blast and I really enjoyed myself last Sunday ( though I attended on the 1st day but it was work related XD ) The massive gathering of local doujinshi artists, illustrators, cos-players, anime fans, animators and the comedic (and slightly perverted) duo, Alfred and Chuck as emcees, all under one roof- the RM 15 one-day admission fee was chicken-feed to me (kinda sarcastic -_-" - Ed)

It only thing that was unforgivable was, my own lack of a decent camera (boohoo, who ask you to spent all on figurines- Ed) and working Saturday.

Animasia Booth

Not much about Day 1 though since I pretty much working that morning, manning the booth of our company along with some fellow colleagues. But it nice to see how all the other booth been set up and getting ready to face the big turnout. Took a moment too, to find my other friends whose with their own doujinshi groups - Rose Sakura, Fazuu and Noir Mystere respectively. But most of my time there i spent promoting and selling my company's artbook- Doodle 2008. By noon, time to head back to work in the studio... *cries*

Vocaloid Cosplayer

Day 2- Head back there with everything readied sans the camera with Sakura whose surprisingly was driving, with one year plus experience to boot ( better start to keep in touch with your old friends often, you hermit- Ed). Once I get there, I thought I was in some otaku event on far away eastern land with all the multiple Haruhis, Rankas, and Mikus (which you only notice, perv- Ed) walking around. At the same time brought back to reality the moment the emcees spurting Manglish. Yeah, those guys really did a good job entertaining the crowds especially veteran Alfred and his skirt rising stint (his own skirt, mind you- Ed).

While, Sakura was busy chasing around her obsession with Kaito (of Vocaloid) cosplayers with low-on-battery camera phone around the hall, I chosen to browse the doujinshi artworks one booth at a time. I was kinda surprised to see most of the doujinshi works were on D-Gray Man, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Vocaloid while fangirl fav Mobile Suit Gundam 00 and Tengga Toppa Gurren Lagann was hardly making a presence. Before we take a break for lunch, Sakura managed to take an autograph from Kaoru during the Gempak autograph session and some pics of both of them. Not to mention Kaito's (where's those pics?- Ed).

Me, Sakura and Yanyan

Yanyan finally able to make it later in the afternoon and we also meet up with a couple of old online friends- Mahata and aDerein, as they too selling their doujinshi stuffs. Sakura spent the rest of the day sitting and doodling at the booth while Yanyan and I looked around.

Sketching something for aDerien

Cosplayers came in good variety and in better quality too, though the usual parade of Bleach and Naruto seems to be absent this year. Instead we got Resident Evil, Final Fantasy, cosplayer favs- Katekyo Hitman Reborn and D-gray Man, Sengoku Basara and a lot more. Even Kauser sama made an appearance from hell. Some were quite daring in their cosplay choice too which were quite attention seeking ( Stop staring, you ero hermit- Ed). Later that day, I managed to borrow a camera from my colleague, Yip to catch some pics of my own. Yatta.

Lady and Nero from the game Devil May Cry

Yuna (behind) and Rikku from Final Fantrasy X-2

Beauties and an Otaku

Sadana Yukimura and Dante Masamure from the game Sengoku Basara

A cute girl cosplaying as Itsuki from the game Sengoku Basara

Taking the opportunity to pose with her since she in a hurry to join back her group XD

Cool female guitar slinger cosplay as Toshiya, the bassist of a Jrock band- Dir En Grey. (Thanks to Yanyan)

Ahsoka Tano from Star War

Team Sailor Moon Complete

I didnt watch much of the stage show but i did manage to catch some of the solo cosplayer final round which were really entertaining. Though I didnt stick long to find out the winner (which was Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier- Ed) as I did some last minute shopping. But since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I dun dare to spent too much ( not that you gonna spent it on new year clothes- Ed). With the final hour looming and it's better to get back early to rest our sour feet, we finally bid goodbye to CF '08. It's been a great day , thanks.
Before we go, Sakura and I had dinner at Sushi King as Yanyan have to leave earlier for another appointment. Well, till next time then.

P.S : Sorry for the lack of pics. you can look for more searching online :P

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Comic Fiesta 2008 Countdown

In couple of days (this Sunday) I'll be attending the biggest end year event of 2008- Comic Fiesta 2008 which will be held on 20-21st of Dec at Sunway Pyramid. Too bad I can't make it on the 1st day due top work commitment *cries*, though some of my friends will be taking the Saturday off.

Anyway, I cant wait for the day to arrive and most probably I'll will spend the whole day there (arrive the moment the ticket booth opens, hopefully still available) :D
Look forward to my post on this event soon ;)

Edited: I have been confirmed as one of morning shift team to man our company booth, Animasia Sdn Bhd tomorrow (1st day). Yatta~